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" Moonlight "

" Retirred "

S : Ch. Nikket's Front Page Story

D : Nikket's Be Proud


* Dutch Champion
* German Junior Champion
* German Champion VDH
* German Champion CTC
* International Champion
* Jugend Sieger 'Schleswig Holstein'
* Jugend Sieger 'Nordrhein Westfalen'


We imported Spikey from Sweden, in cooperation with Eva Lindqvist of the "Nikket's" kennel in Sweden.

Thank you Angela and Eva For this truly wonderful dog!!

Spikey is a wonderful, sweet dog, happy, and sometimes a bit crazy too... Spikey doesn't bark but talks, he tells you complete stories...but towards other dogs he is a bit dominant.

Spikey is completely white, born with black markings on his head which have grown out. Only the tips of his ears show some gray.

Spikey has sturdy bones, and a sound movement. A powerfull head, and complete dentition & pigment.

He loves the show ring, and has won many BOB's here and abroad.

Spikey is retirred now. Deu to the fact he missed his freedom and place at Heiko and Sandra's place we together desided that Spikey is gonna enoy his old days at their place. He has a great domain with lot's of freedom there and is addored by the whole Steinmann family. Sandra will show in veteran class soon with him, something Spikey still loves to do.

Thank you Sandra and Heikothank you for your friendship and for giving Spikey the good old days he deserves, happily we will be able to meet him as often as we want.

Spikey is no longer available as a studdog for outside breedings.


Name: "Moonlight"

Petname : "Spikey"

NHSB: 2350483

Date of Birth : 03-05-2001

Healt tests : Eyes free d.d.June 2010, Patella Luxatie 0/0, HD C

CMR & Bandera's Syndrome : Clear

Weight : 6.8 Kilo

HHeight : 26 CM.

Colour : White ,Grey ears

Bite : Full dentition, scissor bite



Zweeds, Deens Kamp.
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Keurverslagen / Some judgementrapports :

Tentoonstelling /Show : Utrecht -CACIB

Keurmeester /Judge : Pieter Burema

17 maanden,reu van heel mooi type, leuk karakter, mannelijk totaalbeeld, goed hoofd, juiste verhoudingen, mooi oog, goed pigment, mooi ontwikkeld lichaam, goed bespierd, mooie vacht , die mooi verzorgd is, prima staartdracht, beweegt vlot, achter wat nauw.


Tentoonstelling /Show : Dortmund - CAC

Keurmeester /Judge : Dr.Wilfried Peper (D)

Kraftige volzahnige schere, substanzvoller Kopf, maskuliner Jungrude, vorzuglicher kopf, korrekte obere Linie mit korrekt angesetzter und getragener Rute, vorzuchliche Hinterhand, korrekte Front, vorzugliche Haartextur, flussiges, paralleles, temperamentvolles Gangwerk.


Tentoonstelling /Show : Dordrecht CACIB

Keurmeester /Judge: Mrs. Ericson (S)

Excellent type for breed, very good head & expression, good pigmentation, very good body, excellent coat, typical movement.


Tentoonstelling /Show : Leeuwarden CACIB

Keurmeester /Judge : J.Opara

Well proportioned and not to heavy, good head, excellent pigmentation, good top-line and tailset, moves with decent drive, excellent coat.