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" Cotonfield Coton D'Amour "

aka Esprit

V : " Cotonkiss Versace "

M : " Cotonnerie Vega "

DOB: 03-06-2012

Dutch Junior Champion.

Dutch Champion.

DNA test Bandera's, V.Willebrand, HM, DM en PH1 : Clear ( homozygous normal)

Patella Luxation : Clear 0/0

Eyes : Clear 2015.

Esprit came to us all the way from Canada.

When we took our baby Keano to his new home in BC, we had the honour to meet miss Vega, who is Esprit's Mommy, and that was love at first side. We are very happy that we can have now her lines in our kennel through a daughter of Vega .

Esprit made all dreams come true, she has proven her self in a great way in the showring, but above all that, she is our little "don't worry- be happy dog " , always happy, playfull, loves to cuddle ans as friends with every single one.




Stamboom / Pedigree:

Cotonkiss Versace Uniquement de L'Echo des Elingues Shance de L'Echo des Elingues Reggea de L'Echo des Elngues
Loopytune Oula Hoop
Cartoonland Riviera Monoi de L'Echo des Elingues
Cartoonland Juvamine
Tutti Frutti du Mas des Freux Cartoonland Pil Poil Cartoonland Nautilus
Cartoonland Jymcana
Persanne du Mas des Freux Monoi de L'Echo des Elingues
Cotennerie Vega Cotonnerie Cayenne Cotonerrie Prince Calypso Ninja de la Chaumiere du Lac
Rubis de la Cotonnerie
Star de la Chaumiere du Lac Milton de la Chaumiere du Lac
Miami de la Chaumiere du lac
Cotonnerie Violette Flowergirl Cotonnerie Pirate Captain Tew Deano Pepe de la Cotonnerie
R'Sushi de L'Echo des Elingues
Raffia de L'Echo des Elingues Ollywood de la Chaumiere du lac
Odyssee de L'Echo des Elingues